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How it works

  • As a vehicle passes an ANPR camera, its registration number is read and instantly checked against database records of vehicles of interest.
  • Police officers can stop a vehicle, speak to the occupants and, where necessary, make arrests.
  • ANPR has proved to be important in the detection of many offences, including locating, for example, people wanted for arrest or missing, witnesses, stolen vehicles, uninsured vehicles and uncovering cases of major crime.

IndiNatus® ANPR Solution

Fueled by deep learning algorithm, IndiNatus® ANPR Solution can not only automatically recognize vehicle plates in real time with high accuracy, but also identify more vehicle features, like vehicle type, colour, etc., generating powerful security and traffic insights to improve safety and mobility.

IndiNatus® ANPR solution also provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use management system which supports smart search for investigation, helping make your traffic management more efficient and aggregating all you needs in the palm of your hand.

Comprehensive Management & Easy Integration

Control Your Traffic with IndiNatus® ANPR Solution

Access Control- IndiNatus® ANPR system supports Black/White List Management and can automatically recognize license plates, compare to a predefined list, then take real-time actions, such as controlling the barrier or generating an alert.

Applications: Parking Management, Logistics Centers, Toll Stations, etc.

Advanced 3D Radar Technology

Radar is a detection technology that uses radio waves to determine the velocity, range, or angle of objects. The IndiNatus® 3D radar can locate the vehicle position and direction with high accuracy. Verified by 3D radar and AI-powered LPR algorithm, the Radar AI LPR 4X/12X Pro Bullet Plus Network Camera can precisely provide real-time information of detection distance, speed capture and flow control, greatly optimizing traffic monitoring, and ensuring the safety of public transport.

Intelligent AI-powered LPR Algorithm

Based on AI algorithm, the LPR function provides value-added data via a pre-trained deep learning model and continuously training to algorithms automatically. The IndiNatus® Radar AI LPR 4X/12X Pro Bullet Plus Network Camera can not only recognize vehicle plates in real time, but also identify more vehicle features, like vehicle type, colour, etc., generating reliable traffic insights to improve safety and mobility.

Superior Image Quality

IndiNatus® applies Sony’s high sensitive 1/2’’ sensor whose capacity is approximately twice than that of the conventional ones. Its high sensitivity is designed for capturing saturated and sharp images even in pitch dark environment. The IndiNatus® Radar AI LPR 4X/12X Pro Bullet Plus Network Camera is coupled with the 100fps high frame rate and 4K video viewing experience that deliver ultra-high-definition images with no latency despite of the high-speed movement.

Optimal Size and Orientation

They are components of algorithms that adjust for the angular skew of the license plate image to accurately sample, correct, and proportionally recalculate to an optimal size.

Note: The license plate should be more than 130 pixel in width and no more than 5° tilt; The recognition of vertical and horizontal angle should be less than 30° and no more than 30° respectively.

Character Segmentation

It is a algorithm that locates the separate alpha numeric characters on a license plate, which is able to figure out the letters and numbers for different countries and regions.

It is a algorithm that locates the separate alpha numeric characters on a license plate, which is able to figure out the letters.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

  • We use ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology to help detect, deter and disrupt criminal activity at a local, force, regional and national level. This includes travelling criminals (those using the road network to avoid being caught), organised crime groups and terrorists.
  • ANPR provides lines of enquiry and evidence in the investigation of crime and is used by forces throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a highly accurate system capable of reading vehicle number plates without human intervention.

Solutions & Adoptable Areas

  • Corporates Offices
  • Big Manufacturing plants
  • Airports & Railway Stations
  • IT Parks
  • Residential & Gated Communities
  • Ware Houses
  • Star Hotels
  • Educational Institutes
  • Hospitals
  • Research, Ministry & Defence centres
  • Commercial complexes & Malls
  • Spiritual canters
  • Smart cities
  • Govt Offices
  • Tech Parks

Parking Management Solutions

  • ANPR precludes the need to purchase, distribute and manage vehicle tags, reducing initial investment and running costs.
  • Vehicles can be authorized in advance without the need for the vehicle to be present or for tags to be posted.
  • License plates are managed in the same way as standard access control credentials without the need to refer to the DVLC or other external bodies. There are no service costs or fees required.
  • License plates can be managed on the same system as other access control credentials, avoiding the need to invest in separate vehicle and people access control systems
  • Automatic vehicle counting prevents overcrowding of limited space parking facilities
  • Available space signs provide instant feedback to car park users of the number of free spaces


Pain Points of Clients :

  • Long Waiting & Slow Movement at Entry Gate
  • If tickets issued at Entry is lost , need to show original documents of Vehicle and other proofs to release the vehicle at Exit Gate following with Penalty fee.
  • Possibility of favours for known people which impacts on Revenue.
  • If there was any untoward incidences happens in the area ,traceability of Vehicle entered in the Parking Area is hard to find , it needs to run through CCTV footage of entire area for which Period of footage goes on guess.
Pain Points of Clients :
  • Staff Vehicles movement may not be recorded .
  • Vehicles LP details are not available , hence log data of vehicle stayed and history cannot be obtained.
  • Backlisted Vehicles : It is hard to control at the Gates.
  • Transparency in Parking fee is not available for the guests.

Advantages of Automatic Licence Plate Reading @ Parking Management :

  • Multiple white list Registrations which pass through both gates seamlessly, in turn Minimize Vehicle congestion at the gates.
  • Black List Facility to Enforce Govt Guidelines & Client Parking Policies.
  • Highly configurable Parking Fee & Reporting Dash Boards
  • Configurable Display at Exit In LED display Parking Duration, Charges & Vehicle Details
  • Validation facility to Operator at Exit by displaying Entry Details & Image captured
  • Fuzzy check is available at Exit Gate in Operator console , in case if there is any mismatch in Camera reading between Entry Gate and Exit Gate
  • 96% Licence plate Read Automatic, Remaining will captured Image of licence Plate
  • No Physical ticket at entry will minimize Exit issues
  • Complete control of Boom Gate by camera’s at Entry & Exit.
  • 96% Automatic Boom Gate Open, 4% Manual with Special Permission with Approval
  • Local Staff cannot extend any favours
  • 100% Revenue is assured By Recording in to Secured Software & Cloud.
  • Employees Configuration under White list in Malls & Corporate Offices.
  • Provision of Configuring Multiple Parking lots Management
  • Optional Vehicle Theft Control App Integration by locking Exit boom & Alert to Operator
  • Highly flexible software can accommodate easy upgrades & New Features at later stage.
  • Facility to Work with Either Local Internet or 3G/4G mobile Network
  • CE & IP65 Certified Camera to work in Harsh Out door Environment
  • Multi Level User Privileges & Permission to Access Data in software

Key Features with ANPR Based Parking Solutions

  • High Level Security to the Premises being captured 100% vehicle movement.
  • Paperless & Eco friendly.
  • WHITE LIST Facility Increase the comfort of STAFF, Residents & VIP vehicles.
  • BLACK LIST Facility support 100% Enforcement of policies by management & Government.
  • No Leakages,100% Revenue Assured for all Vehicles.
  • Parking Data Can Be extracted within no time & Back up can be expanded to any duration.
  • Real time monitoring of vehicle moment and revenue can be seen locally and remotely.
  • Can Operate Over Local Internet or 3G/4G mobile network.
  • Easy Configuration of Parking Fee, Entry/Exit Gates & Reports.
  • Hassle Free & Easy flow of vehicles at Entry/Exit gates.

License Plate Recognition Camera Specifications

  • Advanced 3D Radar Technology : The IndiNatus® 3D radar can locate the vehicle position and direction with accuracy. Verified by Al-powered LPR algorithm, the IndiNatus® 3D technology can precisely identify detection distance, speed capture control, greatly optimizing track, monitoring, and ensuring the safety of public transport.
  • Al-powered LPR Algorithm : Based on AI algorithm, the LPR function provides value-added data via a high pre-trained deep learning model, which can not only recognize vehicle radar plates in real time with high accuracy, but also identify more vehicle features, and low like vehicle type, color, etc., generating powerful security and trace insights.
  • 3 in 1 Super WDR Pro - 140dB : IndiNatus® upgraded 3 in 1 Super WDR Pro outputs three frames each line, which is able to bring more details especially moving subjects. What’s more, it greatly improves image quality for reducing smear and noisy points. The ratio that the brightest light signal values divided by the darkest light signal values is up to 140dB.
  • 100fps : With the industry leading frame rate reaching 100fps, the cameras can easily catch images with no latency despite of the high-speed movement, which is the best choice for the remanding requirements especially for intelligent cameras.


IndiNatus® Central Management System (CMS) is an intelligent surveillance solution for users to control up to 256 devices, to remote preview and playback more conveniently. With high-efficient management performance, IndiNatus® CMS software offers users a superior administration experience in such centralized system. Featured with friendly UI design, the intelligent video management system CMS allows users of all levels to setup and deploy solutions as easy as ABC. Moreover, E-map function provides users a smarter way to show the devices spatial distribution.

Advantages of Automatic Licence Plate Reading @ Parking Management :

Equipped with solid 4K decoding and display capabilities, IndiNatus® 4K H.265 PoE NVR Series can synchronously decode up to 4-CH 4K UHD and 16-CH 1080P with the finest details to guarantee real-time video monitoring.

Flexible Storage Options

4K H.265 PoE NVR Series offer you greater flexibility to address the needs for versatile storage.

Solutions Overview

  • A central management system for IndiNatus® cameras and IndiNatus® NVR
  • User-friendly UI design
  • Add device via IP/Domain, P2P(just for NVR) and IndiNatus® DDNS
  • Support alarm pop-up window
  • Support multiple monitors
  • Support 1/4/8/9/16/36/64 channels playing synchronously
  • Support the custom live view layout
  • Support alarm screen for displaying the alarm channel
  • Support full screen for single or multiple channels
  • Support H.265/H.264 video compression
  • Support dual stream
  • Support PTZ control and digital zoom
  • Support SD card and HDD recording files playback
  • Support motion detection, alarm recording and image capture functions
  • Support VCA (Video Content Analysis)
  • Support Crowd Management Solution

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