Cyber Securiy & Solutions

IndiNatus® Lite, Bright & Supreme Series IP cameras have been designed to protect against cyber-threats. This resilient solution has a security overview page, a security overview page is a useful tool for administrators to quickly assess the security posture of a system or application. It can provide a high-level summary of the security controls in place, such as authentication and access controls, encryption, and monitoring.

Any surveillance system Through CCTV Camera over internet, private network is prone to Cyber Attack. In todays world CCTV Camera is best way to protect anything AND having eye on sensitive areas. This is most common way to look after the place through network. CCTV captures the video and transfers them to the monitoring-recording device where they can be watched or stored. So, CCTV Camera helps to monitor 24*7.

Criminals also know this , So new crime techniques is trending. First hack CCTV Camera or their network to mislead the security personel. To stop this, some techniques adopted to stop cyber threats is known as Cyber Solutions. IndiNatus® offers below Cyber Solutions for securing networks and data transfer from CCTV..

By having a security overview page, administrators can quickly identify any gaps or weaknesses in the security of the system and take appropriate measures to address them. This can help prevent security breaches and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or disclosure.

1. Encrypted Communicatioin : IndiNatus® Camera supports encrypted transmission of data so that no one can know what is going to transfer. Our cameras supported encrypted communications using TLS and cipher suites with a 256-bit minimum length.

2. Strong Password : Password should be complex and unguessables. So any known intruder can not guess the password to hack the data transfer and manipulate them.

3. RTSP Authentication : Our Camera supports RTSP protocol for video streaming. This technique can be authenticated in more secured manner.

4. IEEE 802.1X : The 802.1X support allows the camera to be authenticated prior to gaining network access. IndiNatus® CCTV camera supports IEEE 802.1X.

5. SMTP & FTP Audit : IndiNatus® CCTV Camera have internal logs that can be viewd by system remotely or it can be sent to mail to view any malicious activity. This system enables to review the information remotely to see if any unwanted activity takes place.

6. SD Card Support : If Our CCTV Camera have SD card installed then in case of any network loss camera continues to record video locally. When connection restored, recorded data is transfered to NVR reducing video loss during network outage.

7. Secure Boot : IndiNatus® cameras utilize a secure boot protection mechanism that prevents non-genuine or altered firmware from being loaded and executed by the camera. As a result, attempts to load malicious code on the camera via unofficial firmware can be thwarted.

8. Denial of Service (DDS) Attack : Many of the attacking bots were hosted by IP-enabled cameras and digital video recorders (DVRs). In other words, the bots used the computing power of our industry’s video products to launch the headline-grabbing cyberattack. So HTTPS secured networks is the way to send data through networks.

8. Extra Encryption : The types of encryptions used to protect sensitive data, such as SSL/TLS encryption for data in transit or AES encryption for data at rest.

We “IndiNatus® ” also have obtain necessary compliance and certifications for Cyber Security and Data Protection.

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